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HOMER came back with glory of a successful ShanghaiTex 2019
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On November 28, ShanghaiTex 2019 successful ended! This period of four days, the world of attention textile industry feast, it gathered nearly 20 countries and regions of more than 1,200 exhibitors, comprehensive shows the textile fashion innovative technology and industry leading technology in the moment, bring audience an unprecedented textile new experience and industry new opportunities.

A lot of brilliant exhibitors take this opportunity in the show to make customers a deep impression. Homer as one of the leading domestic digital textile industry, with innovative technology and achievements in the field of digital textile inkjet, the participation of extraordinary performance, by many domestic and foreign industry people and audience attention.

Three "hard cores" products, with reliable technology to achieve outstanding performance

During the exhibition, there's a lot of people every day in Homer's booth. So what caught everyone's attention? As a first-class solution supplier in the digital textile printing industry, Homer has brought three new products of this exhibition —— HM1800B-K32, HM1800-P4 and HM1800-R8. With super output speed and super printing performance, the exhibition attracts numerous eyes and is highly favored by the audience and industry purchasers.


These three devices promote the production capacity and printing fineness of textile digital printing to a new level:

HM1800B-K32 as a new generation of industrial-grade digital printing machine from Homer, high-speed implementation details many breakthrough technology reform and optimization, can not only 24 hours of stable operation, but also reach ten thousand liner meters per day, as well as can satisfy all kinds of difficult pattern, ensure production capacity every day, while highly restore original colour batches to keep the stability of high-speed output printing experience.

HM1800-P4 continues the excellent product performance of Homer’s classic and legendary product 1800P, a benchmark model in the digital printing industry. Through innovative design, the production capacity has been doubled and the sprinkler efficiency has reached a new height of the industry to promote efficient production "new experience".

HM1800-R8 integrates mature technologies to make the product more stable and efficient. Its maximum printing speed can be up to 540㎡/hr, realizing new capacity upgrade, double-row symmetrical color sequence scheme to fully reduce the color difference of inkjet, rewinding and rewinding synchronization control technology, to ensure the accuracy of each printing step, to adapt to the different grams of paper tension requirements, will continue to lead the digital printing industry in the field of heat transfers printing.

Innovative enabling industry, escort for customers "needs"

Digital textile printing makes the world more colorful and more fashionable. With the increasing demands of the market for rapid response, stable operation and environmentally friendly production, the textile printing industry has entered a new period of iterative and accelerated upgrading. In this regard, technological innovation, intelligent manufacturing, green production, industrial transformation and upgrading, sustainable development, has become a common concern of the industry.

Homer always maintains sensitivity and insight in the changing development of the industry. To help customers improve the production efficiency, reduce costs and realize green development, so as to realize the long-term goal of sustainable development of the society, over the years, Homer has always been to "create value of customers, do leading intelligent equipment manufacturers in the field of global printing industry" for the development of vision, deep areas of the "digital textile" and in digital ink-jet printing technology development as the core driving force, constantly promote optimization and upgrading of technology and products by innovation to satisfy users really need.

Speed, accuracy, color, stability is printing customers eternal pursuit. Homer always adheres to the path of independent intellectual property rights, firmly grasp the hardware, software, mechanical, ink and scheme and so on. After years of research and development, production, sales, permeate the diversification of customer needs, every detail, service of the Homer’s equipment in the printing precision, efficiency, stability and ease of use, with silk precision meter scale, ultra high speed printing, 7 x24 hours stable industrial production one of the leading enterprises in the industry, rich printing solution.

In addition, Homer attaches great importance of improving customer satisfaction, develops a sound service system, takes customer needs as the first starting point, and provides customers with pre-sale, in-sale, after-sales full-cycle, all-round technical services. At present, Homer has established a complete sales and service network of the pearl river delta, the Yangtze river delta, Europe, America and southeast Asian countries. And the implementation of the "12-hour response" system, from the receipt of customer feedback, within 12 hours of processing. At the same time, it has also built a perfect online and offline center controlled service system to continuously provide first-class products and services for domestic and foreign customers.

R&d, manufacturing, production, service "one-stop" innovation, Homer is diversified, mature digital printing overall solution to help the textile industry digital transformation and upgrading, escort for customers "needs".