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HM1800-R8 will debut in ShanghaiTex 2019
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HM1800-R8, Homer's new generation of industrial high-speed roll-to-roll sublimation digital printing machine will debut at ShanghaiTex 2019. Its premium quality comes from years of leading experience of digital printing equipment manufacturing.

Homer quality has always been enjoying a prestige for years in the industrial printing community for its "excellent printing accuracy and speed, stable and reliable equipment quality".HM1800-R8 will bring to customers an experience of higher productivity and a more stable production meeting customers’ needs of not only reducing production costs but also improving production efficiency.This model inherits HOMER’s tradition of consistent stable and reliable product quality at the same time.

• The stability design for 7x24hr for continuous production. Max. printing speed is up to 540㎡/hr.

• Symmetrical alignment of color sequence minimizes color aberration, improves color consistency and lowers down rate of producing flaw products.

• Variable droplet printing technology can employ different inkdrop sizes on demand in printing to make sure the image output, at the same time save ink consumption.

• Winding and unwinding simultaneous control technology ensures stepping accuracy, and satisfies tension requirements for papers of different weights.

• Using a linear motor to drive the printhead carriage makes the whole machine movement more stable and ensures stable printing results.

• The vacuum power on the printing platform can is adjustable, medium flatness is guaranteed.

• Total pressure and negative pressure real-time monitoring and adjustment system ensures continuous and uninterrupted printing.

• Stable and reliable printhead anti-scratch system minimizes paper’s possible damage to the printhead.

HOMER digital printers, born for quality! HOMER has served a large number of customers in sublimation printing, now with the flagship product HM1800-R8, HOMER will continue “refreshing” customers’ expectations with its printing speed, accuracy and quality.